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Why do we struggle to make the shift from intention to action? What is it that causes us to put off what matters most in favour of what matters least? Is it because we can’t? Or is it because we do not have a big enough reason to move us? 


As human beings, we have an unlimited potential to create change in the world and yet often we fail to take the simplest of steps. In his latest book, Gareth Morgan says that a lot of this is because we are unaware of the bigger purpose for our lives. Many of our frustrations are symptoms of the fact that we lack clarity about our purpose and our identity.


Coaching Stories

‘From feeling lost, losing passion for her job and loss of identity to having a seat at the table to influence policy in healthcare’ A Coaching Journey

"The sessions I have had with Gareth Morgan have taken my Business and life to a whole new level. I’ve worked for many Companies who provide training which isn’t half as good as Gareth’s Gareth knows exactly what he’s talking about and how to get the best out of you in your personal and business life. "

Alan Palmer
EVP Genistar

"Overall it has helped me to look up and “step outside” myself which has helped me to take on board changes in perspective and behaviour."

Del Blakemore
EVP Genistar

"My journey is ongoing but taking time to reflect on the six sessions where I can also implement the learning will yield a big harvest for years to come. Being able to self evaluate and bring clarity to my goals..."

Stephanie Stewart
EVP Genistar

"The session also helped me to be aware of those distractions that are small but steal my time. So actually setting a time when no distractions are permitted so I can do what is necessary for my business. "

Sarah Kasasa
Senior Team Leader

"…I learnt a lot and definitely grew a lot as well, from being more self aware, and not just me but also my team and my family and having real accountability that accountability can actually be a good thing"

Busayo Akinyele
Genistar Rep

Latest Blog & Vlog Posts

All the coaching thoughts and questions you can use to coach yourself and others

Winning For Life Programme

Coaching the Under 23 players at Charlton Athletic is now in its second year. Developing player identity which has an impact on performance as well as personal development is at the heart of the programme.

"I feel less scared to make a mistake on the pitch where I would’ve been before. This means I can take more risks. "

Young Professional Footballer
Charlton Athletic FC

"I now understand certain emotions I feel during games or training and not only what those emotions are but also what they mean "

Young Professional Footballer
Charlton Athletic FC

"I think speaking to yourself Gareth a few weeks ago massively changed my mindset to a more positive one and also your book you sent me I am currently getting through I am picking good bits out of every time I read it. "

Young Professional Footballer
Charlton Athletic FC

"It’s helped me with certain techniques to be a leader on and off the pitch. "

Young Professional Footballer
Charlton Athletic FC

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